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For more than 40 years, Schatz Brothers have been designing and building properties in the Baltimore, MD area

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Site Work

Inspection of the lot and site deed.


Determine the type of permits needed for your project

Site Plan

We create the site plan.

Construction Drawings

We complete the final construction drawings and get approval.


Jack SchatzWelcome to my website. I am Jack Schatz, owner of Schatz Brothers Company and the Capital Construction Company. For more than 40 years, we have been developing commercial and residential properties in the Baltimore metropolitan area. We excel at helping our clients negotiate the entire building process from initial site design, permits, construction and final occupancy.

My Grandfather, John F. Schatz, and my great Uncle, George Schatz started the construction company called Schatz Brothers in the 1920's. My father, John J. Schatz and his brother Joseph M. Schatz as young men worked for Schatz Brothers. Schatz Brothers were custom home builders and built many Victorian homes with the large covered wrap around porches in the Catonsville area.

When the depression came my father, John J. Schatz, and my uncle Joseph M. Schatz, started their own construction company along with a real estate and insurance company called Schatz Brothers Real Estate. They also built custom homes, developed vacant land into building lots, installed streets with water and sewer lines and sold and built homes on the new developed lots. They worked in the real estate and insurance business until after the second world war.

After a few years they started back into the construction business building new homes. I started to work in their building business when I was in high school and continued working building building homes until I finished engineering and law school. My father had several strokes and passed away in 1970. My uncle and I became partners in the business until he passed away in 1986.

When I started working I built houses and learned the business building houses. I always wanted to design and build commercial buildings. I started obtaining commercial building permits and designing commercial buildings in 1970 and continue to do so until now. I designed and build several different types of buildings including warehouses, office buildings, car repair shops, restaurants, car washes and an athletic facilities. I also manage the construction of commercial buildings. Top of Page

Development Process

Site PlanSteps in the development process for new or possibly remodeled buildings:

Site Work which includes an inspection of the lot and the deed. Plotting the size of the lot using the deed dimensions and placing the proposed building on a drawing of the plotted lot.

Development meeting with local and or County government to review the lot drawing and determine if there is any problems with traffic or setbacks and if there are any variances for size and parking needed before a permit can be filed to construct a building.

Types of permits needed will vary depending on whether it is a commercial or residential building.

Secure the information needed to file a permit which varies based on City or County government requirements. This could include location and boundary survey showing the size of the lot and location of existing buildings. A review of the zoning code to determine the size and type of proposed building that is allowable under the zoning code.

File for a permit with the owners name, type of proposed building, type of zoning, deed information and the allowed use of the building.

Site plan is a map showing the perimeter dimensions of the lot and location and size of the proposed building. It also shows proposed driveway and the approve parking spaces allowed by the area zoning code.

Construction drawings explain in detail the types of building and the various codes needed to complete the building. There are several types of buildings with different requirements like 2B, 3B and 5B.

Use and occupancy permit is needed when there is a change in a commercial building. Top of Page

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